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Little piddly things

(that still need to be done)

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I have a ton of stuff to donate to Goodwill or the Salvation Army before I go and since I have had a tire in the trunk of my car, I haven't been able to load up. Finally got a new tire, the spare put back under the car, and a finally empty trunk.

Next on the list was getting the cat up to date on her shots. While I was there, I let them know that she needs a new home. A couple of people were possibly interested. I am hoping to find her a new place without having to put her on Freecycle. Finding her a home through the vets office seems perfect.

Taxes got done yesterday, hooray! Things are slowly being ticked off the list, but I really need to pick up speed. I have a few more things to take pictures of so I can post them for sale on Craig's List, the less I have to store the better. Still trying to decide, do I keep the couch and recliner, or sell them? I go back and forth on that.

In a month, all this will be over and done with and I will be at the beginning of this new journey. I can't wait.

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Just a little about me

(more to come later)

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Hi there! I'm Nancy, a 55 year old mother of three and grandmother to two. I recently accepted a job as a traveling field interviewer. It is my understanding at this point, that I could end up pretty much anywhere in the US and my stay in any given location might last from two to eight weeks. I love to travel, so I think this is as close to a dream job as I am going to get. This will give me the chance to not only visit a lot of different places in this beautiful country of ours, but to spend more time than normally allowed getting to know the area and really getting a feel for what it is like living there.

This blog is not really about the job itself, as there are privacy issues that need to be taken very seriously. It will be mostly about my experiences when I'm not working. I might be talking about travel to and from specific locations or my experiences while at my current assignment, wherever that may be. I could be working in a rural, suburban or urban environment, so there should be some variety as far as that goes.

Along the way, I hope to be able to visit family and friends and take one big trip per year. I have a son and daughter-in-law living in Abu Dhabi, in the United Arab Emirates, a daughter, son-in-law and two grandsons (3.5 years and 9 months old) who will soon all be living in San Angelo TX, and a son in Billings MT. Then there are my parents and a brother and sister-in-law in Farmington Hills MI, a brother in Larium MI (way up there in the UP) and a sister, brother-in-law and nephew in Westborough MA. Hopefully I will end up working near all of them at some point. Then of course there are my extended family and friends. I hope to do a lot of visiting as time goes on!

I don't leave for training for a month, so I have a lot to do between now and then. I have to pack up everything and put it in storage, visit my parents up north, and work the first two weeks of April for my current boss on a different study where I'm also a field interviewer. Today was my last day working in the local office of the US Census here in Greenville SC. That was an experience I am glad I had, but now begins the serious work of sorting, packing and storing before I begin the new job. I'll be writing some about that too, maybe daily, maybe not.

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